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Subdivided Credits


Directed, Written, Produced,
Edited, and Music by
Dean Terry

Aerial Photos by Jim Wark

Additional Camera
Deter Brown
Nick Cook
Anthony Tyler

Additional Aerial Photography
Greta Poulsen

Associate Producers
Irl Nathan
Sandra Stevenson

Research Assistance
Marilyn Shashoua

Special Thanks
Little Forest Hills
Glenda Yan
Ethan Terry
Jim Wark

Sandra Stevenson
Chris Bouguyon
Irl Nathan
Scot & Sylvia Williams

Bart Weiss
Laura Neitzel
Andres Duany
Sylvia Komatsu
Bill Young

Additional Thanks
UT Dallas Arts & Technology
Dr. Thomas Linehan
Dr. Dennis Kratz
Ann Daigle at Placemakers
Kevin Olsen at W.W. Norton
John and Scott Fregonese
Guilford, CT Public Library
Fred Curchack
Kyle Kondas
Rob Tranchin
Aaron White
Teri Bauer
Gary Griffith
John and Susan Scofield
The Dallas Video Festival



The Experts
Andres Duany
Wiliam Gietema Jr.
Dolores Hayden
James Howard Kunstler
Setha Low
Robert Putnam
Mike Sims

Little Forest Hills
Scot Williams
Gary McCoy
Bill Walker
Joe Stokes
Vince Montemayor
Connie & Wendy Powell
R. Kevin Obregon
Sylvia Williams

Sandra Trostle
Viviana Pantoga
Lynn Reagan
Sandra Stevenson
Philip & Shannon Morphew
Connie Cooper
Dianne Evans
Mike Schmitt

Derick Chaney
Gary Griffith
Fred Curchack
Carlos Estrada

Marcial Villegas



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